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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Blaine Anderson, 21 years old. Currently working on my medical residency at Cornell University and living with my brother. Proud uncle of two gorgeous kids from my sister. Life has thrown a lot of obstacles, but somehow we always end up okay.
-My Life

Three Years.  

Believe it or not, many things have not changed for Blaine over the past couple of years. Senior year being the big deciding factor of what his future was to be. He’d not followed the path of music that many had advised him to. Not that music was something he was not passionate about, it just wasn’t something he saw as a stable career. Blaine had known that even if he didn’t pursue music, he’d still dabble in music in his spare time at coffee shops to help pay for his expenses for college. He’d taken interest in the medical field. Not completely a surprise to others, being that he had taken care of his brothers and sister as a kid while their parents had not been there as most parents are. 

Applying to as many schools as he could, Blaine was accepted into Cornell University on a partial scholarship. The school had payed for the tuition, and part of the boarding expenses on moving to New York City. The other part had been paid by Blaine himself along with the help of Everett. Everett still was a major part in his life and continued to be. While Blaine chose to study, Everett had chosen to work. He had followed Blaine to the city to support his career. They’d been able to acquire a small apartment off campus. It wasn’t the greatest thing, but it was something they could call theirs. 

Currently, Blaine has had two years of college education and is working on his residency, which will take another two years. Volunteering at local hospitals and working alongside other students training in the pediatrician field. 

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